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JOYFIRE, aka Paul Armento, born and raised in North New Jersey, USA, has a diverse history as a musical composer, producer, digital artist and entertainer.  With an early love of computers, he has always used them to create music and visuals for his projects.  With classical, jazz, and musical theatre experience on piano, he always keeps a focus on musicality and songwriting. 


JOYFIRE’s first track dropped in the Fall of 2020 after the COVID quarantine opened up a wellspring of creativity for himself and so many artists.  Since then, he has been putting out music very frequently, with over 20 originals tracks released on multiple labels, and dozens of self-released remixes and mashups.


JOYFIRE’s tracks have been supported by Revealed Recordings Brand New EDM playlist, KSHMR’s Journeys Playlist, Nikko x Sway, Insomniac Radio, TelyKast, and many more.  His remake of Flight of the Bumblebee entitled “BEE” has charted in the top 50 on Apple Music in 8 regions, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Romania, Iraq and Sweden.


JOYFIRE’s live show is very unique, as Armento is highly proficient at playing the “keytar” (keyboard guitar) and integrates it in his sets with jaw-dropping results.  The surprising musicality of his tracks and his unique performance skill may soon set him apart as one of the most celebrated new EDM DJs on the scene.


Always nice to make the local paper! CLICK HERE for an article in the Hopatcong Lake News.

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